Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama (yup, it still feels great to say that):

First of all, we are big fans of your work. We've been right there with you since that speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004 when we sat side-by-side on the floor of our old living room and sobbed through your speech. We wept openly on election night as our dream of seeing you elected became a reality. We are rooting for you as you face the nightmare you inherited from your predecessor and have faith that your hand is the hand that will keep this country on the road and not careening off into a ditch.

We also understand that you believe in keeping the lines of communication open and appreciate that you have been giving a lot of interviews and making appearances and holding press conferences. It's nice to know that our President wants to keep us all abreast of what is going on in the White House. We feel appreciated and valued.

Here's the thing, though . . . do you have to schedule these things for Tuesday nights? That is American Idol night. It throws off our whole week as suddenly we have to watch for results on Thursday night instead of Wednesday -- and our DVR tries to cancel out the recording of Must See TV to make room for Idol.

So what we're asking is that you pick a different night to address the nation. Like Monday. No, wait, that's Dancing With the Stars. Okay, Wednesday. Oh, but that could cause problems with America's Next Top Model. Fine, Thurs . . . no, Must See TV, Ugly Betty, etc. Friday. Take Friday! Sure, viewership is lower on a Friday, but at least you would have the assurance that the people watching might be people who really care and not people who are just waiting around for House to come on, right?

Thank you for considering this.

Mel and Julie

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Jen said...

Very insightful post. Now that Battlestar Galactica has ended I would so watch you on a Friday, Mr. President!