Monday, August 31, 2009

Brave New World, Chapter 1

Lessons I have learned from my first day teaching with my smartboard:

1. My handwriting is sort of mediocre in the brave new world. I've always prided myself on having good handwriting -- and good chalkboard handwriting at that. On the smartboard, not so much. BUT the nice thing is that the smartboard has the capability of turning my handwriting into typed text with the click of a button -- and it does so with only minimal "misunderstandings."

2. I really think that the smartboard will make me a more organized teacher. I am shooting for a goal of having lecture notes on the smartboard and realized that, because of my handwriting insecurity, I could just typed stuff up ahead of time and have it easier to read -- and then make notes on top of it. Very cool.

3. My hair looks really funky in the light of the LCD projector. In my old age, my hair has suddenly gone kind of curly, and those curls that stick up all over my head make me look a bit like I should have been a member of the cast of Where the Wild Things Are.

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