Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry, Folks

Because of some sort of HD/DVR glitch, I did not see last night's American Idol. I am beyond ticked! I mean, Idol in Vegas and I don't see it happen?!?!? WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!??!

I've spent this afternoon trying to find it online with no success, and so . . . .

No blog today except for this whining little ditty about the lameness of HD/DVR glitches that give you an hour of blackness instead of the hour of delicious Vegas/Beatles confection you'd longed for all day.



Mike said...

If you're still interested, I could probably torrent it when I get home and upload it to my Dropbox account so you could download it easily. I'd hate to think of you missing an episode where Jennifer Lopez seems to, by all accounts, lose her shit.

Mel said...

How does that even work? I mean, getting to see JLo lose could I resist?!?!??