Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is There Rehab for Facebook?

It took me a long time, but I finally broke down and did it. I joined Facebook. I'd put it off, thinking I was too old to join since it was something all my students talked about. But I had a lot of people my age encouraging me to join, telling me how fun it was, how great it was to reconnect with long, lost friends, and so one chilly winter afternoon, I hopped online.

And I'm freakin' hooked!
At first, I admit I was a little spooked by how quickly I was "found." Within an hour or so of joining, I was inundated with "friend requests" from students past and present, former classmates, and colleagues. I made the decision to open my facebook up to my students since I also decided that I wouldn't be posting anything particularly incriminating (and those of you out there who DO have incriminating evidence, please don't post -- thanks!). I also realized it would be a good way to be get messages to my speech kids -- whether it's a "congratulations on kicking ass last weekend" or a "don't forget practice tomorrow." It's nice, too, to see what former students are up to, whether it's the high school sweethearts who are engaged to be married next June or the sports editor who now works for the Big 10 Network.
And of course there are all the "blasts from the past" who have popped up -- friends from high school long lost but often thought of. (I did a lousy job of keeping in touch with high school friends. It's kind of shameful, actually, considering what a "great friend" I supposedly am.) It's interesting to see who ended up where. In some cases, it's quite shocking (the girl who's working for the National Geographic Channel in DC -- who would have though it!?); in some, it's no surprise at all (the music junkie who works as a club dj).
And then there are all the little extras Facebook offers -- like bumperstickers and my current addiction, flair! I could spend HOURS (hell, I HAVE spent hours) scouring the site for cool flair to add to my corkboard. It's like back in junior high when I would cover my denim coat and backpack with buttons, only now I can seem to get whatever I want. I even found a "Sugarbaker Woman" button courtesy of 30 Rock.
So now, dear friends, I am off to check my status, prowl for some flair, and generally continue this shameful Facebook addiction. Wish me luck!


Danielle Mari said...

I have no comment. None.

I'm afraid, though, that it's coming for me next.

(Word verification? POOTES)

Jen said...

I have a Facebook profile, but I haven't done very much with it--I'm afraid to get sucked in.

For me, it is slightly disturbing to read my nieces' status updates, which have included observations I'm sure they would not feel comfortable saying to my face (i.e., "OMFG! [Actor I'm not familiar with] is soooo hot" from the 14-year-old).