Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just When We Think We've Escaped, They Pull Us Back In!

This is Rod Blagojevich. He's the governor of Illinois. He is a douchebag.
"Why, Mel!" some of you may exclaim. "What in the world could this man have done to ellicit such a response from you? Isn't he a Democrat?"
Well, let me tell you.
In the years since he's been elected governor, Blago has effectively set about to rip Illinois apart. It started practically from day one when he refused to relocate to Springfield, preferring to stay in Chicago. The problem with that is that Springfield is our capital. That's where our Congress is. Contrary to popular belief, Chicago is NOT our capital. His refusal to move would be akin to Barack Obama saying he would not be moving into the White House but would be running the government from a posh penthouse in New York City.
For the past 6 years, Blago has been at war with the Democratic Congress here in Illinois. The state enjoys a two billion dollar budget deficit. The result of that is that schools are struggling to keep above water financially, state parks have been closed down (including the Carl Sandburg Birthplace in Galesburg and sites at Bishop Hill), and major cuts have been made in spending -- including cuts in road work and snow removal. Illinois highways have been a mess the past couple weeks because the money isn't there to properly plow and salt these roadways.
As of a poll from a month or so ago, Blago is sitting on about a 16% approval rating -- lower than that of George W. Bush here in Illinois. (Have I mentioned Illinois is a blue state?)
And now, to top it all off, comes news that our governor apparently saw nothing wrong with "selling" Barack Obama's soon-to-be vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder. Just when Illinois is in the media and Chicago is being lauded as a great city and home to the future president, this has to happen to remind people just how down and dirty our pols can play it here in the Land of Lincoln.
Thanks a lot, Blags.
I'll say it one more time: DOUCHEBAG!

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