Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inspiration, Take Me Away!

I've been pretty quiet lately. I don't really have a great excuse other than what is surely the bane of many bloggers -- writers' bloc. I just haven't been particularly inspired to write much of anything.

It's not that my life is especially dull or anything. I just haven't come across anything that particularly begs me to address it here on the Files. I could ramble on about my daily adventures working in the yard or catching up on the goodies stored on the DVR, but surely you'll grow bored with that. I could bemoan my sis's continued struggles to find a job in this devastated job market, but this is not a pity party. I could detail my efforts to try to get back in shape after a couple years of marked laziness, but again . . . not a pity party.

Surely, this won't last. Next weekend promises a little excitement in the form of a journey up to Wisconsin to see Phish at Alpine Valley. The weekend after that brings my high school reunion -- the big 2-0. (GULP)

So for now, just know that I'm here . . . I'm fine . . . I'm searching for inspiration.

UPDATE: As of this morning, my sis is now employed! It's been a long, hard search for about six months to find her a job, but she was hired today as a receptionist at an area salon -- that brings with it some sweet employee benefits that I'm hoping to share in. :)


Mike said...

Glad to hear that's what it is and not that your blog is taking a summer vacation just because your school is :)

Don't you have anything to say about Adam Lambert. Aren't you shocked by his Rolling Stone interview? Gay? Who knew? I haven't been this shocked by a guy coming out of the closet since (name of very sweet Sigma Nu guy who doesn't deserve to have his name mentioned here since he's probably living a very happy life now)?

And even though I have never been much of a Phish fan, I've always adored your obsession, hope you have a good time and look forward to reading about it.

Danielle Mari said...

Baby girl, it's called BURNED OUT! You and your hard-working blog deserve a rest!

NICKI said...

Have fun at the Phish show! I am jealous!