Saturday, June 28, 2008

Channel Surfing Adventures

One of the things I love about summer is the fact that it gives me the time to explore -- whether it's reading more books or renting more videos or finding interesting things to watch on television. Typically, each summer I re-discover (or newly discover) some television show and watch it obsessively all summer long. One summer it was Happy Days; another it was A Different World. This summer, I've found myself getting sucked into crime procedural shows like Without a Trace and Cold Case in addition to my already strong addition to Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

This summer, I've also found a great gem, That Mitchell and Webb Look. For those of you that get BBC America, check it out. It airs on Friday nights and is a great 40 minutes of bizarre, random sketch comedy. David Mitchell and Robert Webb create a series of bizarre characters, including the drunken hobo Sir Digby Chicken Caesar , as well as some hilarious one-off sketches such as Heroin Addict Christmas or Bawdy 70's Hospital . Not every sketch is a home run, but enough of them are that it makes it worth a watch.

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