Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy F&%$! We Are Stupid!

Watching this from last night's Daily Show led me to this conclusion. Do people seriously believe this stuff? That Obama will get elected and immediately pull out a turban? That his election would mean the end of America as we know it? Seriously??!!?? And those of you who claim you "don't know enough about Obama," read a freakin' book. He's written two of them. I'm about 3/4 of the way through Dreams from My Father and I feel like I know Obama pretty darn well. I understand his reluctance to distance himself from Jeremiah Wright, the man who reawakened his spirituality in a pretty profound manner. I know his family. (Those of you who've read the book -- didn't you just sob when you heard how ill Toot is?) I know this guy, and I am thrilled at the prospect of him being my president. Who would have thought this guy who had such a hard time motivating South Side housing project denizens to fight for better living conditions would someday be able to motivate millions of us to fight for change?

At least the stupidity is equal opportunity. I really don't care if McCain knows how to Twitter. I don't know how to Twitter either. I would like to think that my president has more important things to do than Twitter, watch YouTube, and blog. Leave the blogging to the rest of us. You go fix this country!

At least all this has led me to another positive to the election being so close. When it's over, all these morons can go back into their caves, scratching their heads, and watching According to Jim, and the rest of us can return to the delusion that this country is full of intelligent, reasonable people.

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NICKI said...

I lost all confidence in this country after the last election. I seriously considered moving to Canada. Well, not really. But I cried when I saw that somehow the same mistake had been made - twice. I fear Nov 4th. I am not sure what I will do if we elect another moron.