Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Has Entered the Building

I'm a bit at a loss for words after watching today's inauguration address by PRESIDENT OBAMA. (God, it feels good to type that . . . let me do it again . . . PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!) It was a truly inspiring moment to witness history, to feel that lifting of despair and the emergence of hope. Now, I'm not one of those people that thinks, "Bam! Bad times are over!" I know that it's going to take some time to pull this country out of the muck in which it finds itself mired so desperately, but at least I have faith that the person behind the wheel has an idea of how to get us out. It's just a question of the rest of us having the patience and trust to let him do the job.


Jen said...

I loved his speech. I agree that we are not going to solve all of our problems overnight, but it was so inspiring to hear his call to rise up and to work together to meet the various crises we face. What a relief to have a grown-up, a smart, pragmatic, compassionate grown-up, in charge at last!

President Obama. Oh yeah, it feels good!

Danielle Mari said...

I'm so thrilled and touched. FINALLY- our generation gets blessed with an event that we can remember with smiles on our faces!

You know what else I like about him, Jen? He can pronounce nuclear correctly.

"We will extend a hand if you will unclench your fist."

Mel said...

That was the line that got me closest to crying.