Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming Soon to an X-Box Near You

This morning, I read that Paramount is launching a series of girl-oriented video games based on the films Clueless, Mean Girls, and Pretty in Pink. According to the article, players will get to become characters from the movies and presumably re-live scenes from said films.

Which left me wondering this morning: does that mean that I could "fix" all of Andie's mistakes in Pretty in Pink? Could I pick sweet, quirky Ducky instead of milquetoast Blaine? Could I make sure that the hideous sack of a prom dress pictured here never sees the light of day? If so, it just might be worth a trip to the local Game Town (or whatever it's called -- I drive by it on the way to Menards but pay no attention to it) to pick up a copy.


Danielle Mari said...

OK- First of all, I remember seeing 16 Candles in the theater. AND I distinctly remember the moment where they cinematically revealed her dress- I remember thinking that the movie-makers obviously wanted their target audience (people like me) to gasp in awe and think, "Wow! She looks gorgeous! Look at that dress!" I gasped all right, but I thought- DAMN. She should have stayed HOME in that thing.
This video game thing makes me angry. Little boys get to save the world from invading aliens or marauding gangs of thugs-- and little girls get to relive crappy 80s movies? How about a game where we get to make equal pay for equal work? Huh? How 'bout that!?! Or would that be for the XX Box? (Get it? Chromosomes? No? Too geeky?)

Danielle Mari said...

Sorry... Pretty in Pink. They all sort of melted together into one big fashion nightmare/teen angst blob. And I guess Mean Girls and Clueless were not 80s movies. But you get my drift, right? At least let the girls relive Kill Bill or Crouching Tiger or something?
And another thing- Ducky for sure! Just like Scarlet O'Hara should have gone for Rhett and not that doughy drip Ashley.

Peter Von Brown said...

All good points.
On the flip side, though, I like the idea of making video games from movies that aren't "smash shoot kill." Taking the marketed-to-girls factor out of it for the moment (and I realize that had been the point of the post) Mel's comments open up lots of possibilities. A la interactively changing the movie as you desire instead of being forced into a linear structure? That's pretty darn cool. Of course, chances are they won't be that way. Too bad. I've always thought...why stop at movies? Anyone else up for a non-linear, move about and interact as you please game of Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan? (And yes, I am aware that similar things have been done, but never quite to the degree Mel rightfully suggests.)