Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Named Brangelina's Baby!!

So in case you haven't heard (and wasn't it sneaky of her to schedule it on a weekend when people are less apt to check the news -- at least I am), Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins this weekend -- a girl named Vivienne and a boy named Knox. To this last name I say, "You're welcome, Angie." (I call her Angie. I'm like that)

Here's the story: I have this beautiful purple and gold verbena plant that sits on my back patio. It's had a difficult journey since it was the first plant I bought and, well, um, I sort of didn't know about that whole "water daily" thing where plants are concerned. It actually was on the brink of death and I managed to somehow, miraculously bring it back to life. I bought said plant, though, precisely because of its colors -- purple and gold which are, for those of you reading this who did not go to Knox College , Knox's colors. It was my own little shout out to my alma mater as I moved into my new home. Because of its colors, I also started calling it "the Knox plant" and then shortened it to "Knox."

Friday, I was out shopping for a new pot into which I could move Knox. When my sis asked me what I was looking for when we went into the garden center, I said, "A new pot for Knox." She kind of looked at me funny and I told her that I had named the verbena plant Knox because of its colors and then I said, "You know, wouldn't that make a great name for a kid? If I ever had a boy, I think I'd name it Knox. That would be cool."

So imagine my . . . I don't know -- shock? Horror? Jealous fury?. . . when I woke up this morning and discovered that Baby Boy Jolie-Pitt had been named Knox. So if I ever DID have a boy and DID name it Knox, everyone would just think I was copying Angelina Jolie.

Thanks a lot, Brangelina, for stealing my thunder! Thanks to you, I'll never reproduce!!!


Danielle Mari said...

Oh it's probably a good thing, though, that your kid won't be named Knox. After all, if that name isn't junior high for "Hit me a lot"- I don't know what is.

I can hear it now.

"Hey KNOX. How's the HARD KNOCKS!" Boom. Punch. Pow. Zap.

That kid is going to have SO many black eyes... especially since he'll have to deal with have the celebrity status. He's toast.

I'm surprised the gladiolas haven't started teaming up on your Knox.

Peter Von Brown said...

Does anyone have Rod Serling's private number? And is there an extra charge for contacting the beyond?

dbz said...

I think you should have a child and name it Brangelina - how many kids in class will have that name?