Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Take me to the . . . lake

Today, I did one of my favorite summer things. I drove out to the lake that sits on the outskirts of town and took a nice, leisurely, mile-and-a-half stroll. It was a beautiful morning for a walk -- sunny but not too hot, a gentle breeze keeping things comfortable. I had my mp3 player on playing selections from Entertainment Weekly's "100 Greatest Summer Songs." I was in heaven.

Lake Storey is a sort of marvel to me. A friend of mine once got into a small argument about the lake when I made the comment that Lake Storey was a testament to Mother Nature's gift. He argued that Lake Storey was a man-made lake and therefore Mother Nature had nothing to do with it -- almost impugning "man" for trying to create its own beauty. My counterargument was that while humans had indeed dug the hole and planted the trees, Nature had taken it from there and created a truly beautiful little nook sandwiched between the cornfields and the city.
Regardless of whether the lake is a testament to human engineering or Nature's brilliance, it's still a nice way to spend a morning spotting butterflies and dragonflies and all sorts of beautiful flowers and plants as "My Sharona" propels you along the path. After "working" nature for the past couple weeks out in my yard, it was nice to just appreciate the work someone else had done.
And yes, this is an actual picture of Lake Storey, not just some random lake somewhere in America.


Danielle Mari said...

Is that a weather balloon? And I agree-- Lake Storey might have started out with mechanical instruments and sweaty construction workers... but Ma Nature has certainly adopted it as her own. Some great memories along those shores!

Peter Von Brown said...

Most of my memories of Lake Storey are tied up with a desirable creepiness.

Mel said...

Actually, it's a hot air balloon. I suspect the picture was taken during the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival that's hosted out at the Lake each summer except this one (apparently, there was a huge funding issue and the festival may be no more).