Monday, July 28, 2008

For Your Consideration

Imagine for a moment that you are a well-respected actress -- nominated for three Oscars and two Golden Globes in the past 12 years. Your two Broadway appearances to date have garnered you two Tony nominations (and one win). You are an actress of intelligence, wit, and grace on screen, whether it's in smaller indie films or bigger budget action movies. The common denominator in your work, though, is that it reeks of elegance and intelligence.

How in the hell, then, do you agree to make this ????

Joan, you are better than this!


Peter Von Brown said...

While I am not personally recommending either version of the movie, perhaps this can shed some light on it for you. Not that this explanation justifies anything.
The movie which "offends" you is a remake of a cult classic. Perhaps she is a fan of the original?
And no, I have not seen the original nor will I see this one, just by the fact that it is not my cup of tea.

Danielle Mari said...

Even Hubby, who LOVED the cult classic Pete mentioned, when he saw the trailer on tv tonight, said, "Is that JOAN ALLEN!?!? WHAT IS SHE DOING?!"