Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the Race Is On

John McCain is making it official as I type right now. I applaud McCain for taking a more gentlemanly approach to his opponent rather than taking the shrill and mocking road taken by the rest of his party this week -- including his running mate. His recognition of Barack Obama's decency and integrity was much appreciated. We can only hope that his party respects him enough to follow suit.
What I'm not hearing, though, is what McCain will do that will bring the change he's promising. What are you going to do for these people you want to champion other than mention their names in your speech and tell the world how much your lives suck as you face health care crises and money issues?
Here's the thing: I like John McCain. I think he's a good and honorable man who has worked hard for this country. I just don't agree with him on some pretty fundamental issues -- like the war and the environment and education reform (Hey, Washington, let me clue you in on something -- NCLB is not helping our students! It's cheating them out of the well-rounded, first-class education that will make them competitive in the world market. We're being forced to cut enriching programs and units in our curricula to teach to the tests. That sort of factory mentality is going to sink our kids down the road! And school choice is NOT the answer!). I hope that McCain is able to join Obama in his efforts to keep the tone of this election from sinking into the gutter.
The last thing I want to say is to thank McCain for giving his speech apparently in front of a green and then blue screen, thereby allowing Stephen Colbert to host another John McCain Green Screen Challenge .

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