Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little Tuesday Happiness

No further comment necessary.


NICKI said...

Ha, ha. I happen to live in Micheal Phelps hometown. You may find it interesting that they (the infamous powers that be) are planning a parade for his return: http://www.wbaltv.com/news/17221974/detail.html?rss=bal&psp=news

By the way, this article mentions that the city named a street after him in 2004 - and they did change one road sign for Aigburth Rd (where his high school is) to "Micheal Phelps Way", creating a bit of havoc for those of us attempting to give directions to our apartments. The sign was switched back in 2005 however - he was caught drinking underage and considered a poor role model. Guess they forgot about that.

Oh, and the parade is also supposed to honor Katie Hoff, another Olympic swimmer from Towson. I'm not sure if she won anything...I guess I am a little bemused by the whole thing, but as a former swimmer I know how much work getting to the Olympics takes. His fifteen minutes of fame is well-deserved.

dbz said...

you know, until you really look at that picture, it looks like SI placed him in a spangly halter top for their cover and I was wondering why for quite awhile until I bothered to Look