Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday Night Thoughts

I'm keeping this relatively brief today since I have a ton of work waiting for me in my bag and I suspect people are growing weary of my political ramblings since no one is commenting. (Don't worry -- feelings aren't hurt!)
So here we go:

1. Bill Clinton still has it. And by it I mean charisma . . .and my heart.

2. Doesn't Joe Biden kick ass, y'all? I told you!

3. Beau Biden is DREAMY!

4. This is my plea to the Democratic party: I want to be delegate! Seriously, I'll do whatever it takes. I'll dance in the aisles to Kool and the Gang. I'll wave whatever poster you put in my hands. I'll cover myself in flair. I'll even wear the goofy hats! Please, please, please! (Unfortunately, as my sis points out, we live in a saturated blue county with a lot of very influencial Dems who get that gig. As she said, "If you wanna go to the convention, it's time you moved someplace red and just take over the Democratic party there.")

5. That shade of blue was very lovely on Hillary.

6. Michelle Obama might want to develop a better poker face. Her fear/dislike of Bill Clinton during his speech was truly palpable.

7. Nancy Pelosi was stylin' last night in that fancy blue suit she was rocking. That's the bonus of having a woman chairperson -- she knows how to dress for the occasion! I also quite loved it when she "demanded" a hug from Obama rather than the handshake/cheek kiss combo the other women on the stage were getting.
8. Thanks, CNN, for ruining the surprise that Obama was in the house AND was going to appear onstage with Biden. You stole Jill's moment!
9. Jill Biden reminds me of someone I know, but I'm not sure who. Help me!
10. If I can't be a delegate, I want to be the dj at the convention. I could pick some seriously rockin' tunes and get that joint jumping. I would also get rid of the live band playing the muzak versions of songs. Give me the real thing, people!


Jen said...

Actually, I've been enjoying your political thoughts, as it has been helping to fill in my spotty convention viewing record. (I've been doing some freelance proofreading work, which has to be at night because my kids don't go back to school until next Wednesday.) Right now I am having the worst feelings of anxiety--I'm excited about the ticket but worried they won't win (for all the stupid reasons we've heard about ad nauseum...). I was impressed by the Clintons' direct message of support for Barack. I'm glad they took the high road. Of course, I had an "I feel old" moment when I realized that 16 years ago I voted in my first presidential election, for Bill Clinton, which now seems like a few lifetimes ago...

Danielle Mari said...

Please don't stop! Your enthusiasm has fed my own... I've watched more of this convention than any other.

And let me know what I have to do to help you toward being a delegate. You would be stellar!

Anonymous said...

Jill Biden reminds me a little bit of Glenn Close. But there's someone else she also reminds me of... I can't quite place it...