Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To the Hillary Supporters . . .

After Hillary's rousing speech last night, which I will comment on at length later today, I saw this reaction from a Clinton delegate that honestly made me more frustrated than anything I've faced this week -- including the missing textbooks! Yes, ma'am, that was a presidential CALIBER speech. I've seen a lot of them in my life given by a lot of people who did not become president. Hillary isn't the candidate not because of her gender but because of her last name. It's why this die-hard feminist didn't vote for her. My students have never lived in a country where the president's last name wasn't Clinton or Bush. That borders on a monarchy, and last time I checked, we decided not to have that almost 232 years ago. I don't have a problem with Clinton delegates casting their vote for Hillary tonight. That's what they were elected to do, and I believe in democracy. And if you can't get behind Obama for whatever reason, fine, don't vote.


Danielle Mari said...

OK... you're officially a nicer person than I. When I see this sobbing sour graper, I roll my eyes and shake my fist at the sky, "This is why the Republicans beat you." If this delegate really found herself so moved by Clinton's speech, then how in the heck can she not do what the woman is asking her to do? Suck it up, wipe your tears, and get out there and vote for your party's candidate in the general election. Call it voting against McCain if you want to feel proud. But for goodness sake, freaking vote.

And personally, I always think Clinton sounds programmed and robotic. She sure presented as warmER last night, but Michelle Obama, and yes Ted Kennedy seem to speak from the heart. I don't doubt that Clinton believes in what she says, or even that she might have made a good president- but I wish she'd just tell all her handlers to back off and let her do her own thing. I suspect she's got a tiger in there.

And you're so right on, Mel. Bill lost this for her more than anyone else did.

And-- by the way? Your post time! Are you waking up at 4:19AM? (I guess it's even scarier to think that you might be just now going to sleep...)

Mel said...

Ha! No! I am not up that early. For some reason, my time stamp is Pacific Time. I posted at 6:19, which is bad enough!

I wanted to say a lot more about this this morning but I was working against the clock. I was in a FURY last night when I saw this. And it's not that I'm advocating not voting -- that came off as more flip than I intended.

Here's the thing -- I am not always "passionate" about the people I vote for. I vote on issues and ideals and there are times when the candidate who matches my values best isn't always the candidate who inspires me most. I mean, I voted for John Kerry, for heaven's sakes! I've also voted for a lot of "losers" in the primary season, but I haven't taken that out on the candidate who won. ACK!!!