Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick Question

I'm away from a tv and only able to check my usual news sources sporadically since I'm teaching, but did John McCain seriously pick Tina Fey to be his running mate?? What will that mean for this season of 30 Rock?


Danielle Mari said...

Oh if only it were the lovely Tina Fey--- and not this lifetime NRA member who (unlike Daddy McCain) wants to drill in ANWAR. If he HAD picked Tina, I might have considered voting for the ticket just so we would get to laugh WITH our government and not at it.

The Website of Ron Purtee said...

please. refrain from insulting tina fey in such a manner. you are ruining my sex drive by doing so...ok you can't really ruin my sex drive, but this didn't help any.